Hi everyone!

I cannot wait to share with you some of the projects I am doing with The Jonathan Foundation. This foundation’s main focus is to raise awareness with teen suicide and to find ways to prevent it. We are planning to do a lot of things this year in collaboration with the nationwide Project 2025 which is an initiative of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The goal is to lower suicide rates by 20% by 2025. We are launching a billboard soon which is the biggest project I’ve ever done (which will have a width of 36 feet)!

We — along with Mothers Against Suicide — are also working on this year’s Be THAT Friend, a campaign which people can pledge to “be that friend” if they see warning signs of a friend, loved one, or anyone else and to be that friend who helps them. They do posters and videos each year. You can take the pledge here: https://www.thejonathanfoundation4teens.org/be-that-friend/

Here is the video I created last year: