about me

I started my graphic design journey in 2015. A BA and several years later, I am now a full time freelance designer.

I have the best clients ever.

partners and friends I've met
through my career

but don't take my word for it.

these are some happy clients!

“Carolyn, you truly outdid yourself. You’re getting better and better and I love your work. I will really have my stuff together thanks to you!”

“Her design and graphics are what a business needs to brand, rebrand, or maintain themselves in their market or community. She has been the graphic designer for my logos, my published books, and so forth. I assure you that Carolyn will listen to your needs, provide advice, and knowledge respectfully for your visual communications.”

Let me shout out my wonderful graphic designer Carolyn Jeffords!!! She always comes through with amazing designs for our agency and projects. If you are looking for one, definitely check her out!!!!!! Thanks girlie!

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